Basic components of a bong

A bong, or water pipe, is a device that filters smoke by passing it through water, making it fresher and more velvety. Bongs are usually made of tough glass, such as borosilicate glass. You can also find models made of acrylic, wood and many other materials . Bongs are available in different sizes, from the smallest and most discreet ones to the massive devices with tons of accessories, to enhance and amplify the cannabis experience . In this guide we will focus on the basic models, to make the explanation simpler and clearer high-end grinders.

To make the best use of a bong, it is important to know all the elements that make it up. A bong generally consists of a pot, a stem, an inner part (the base), a tube and a mouthpiece.

Several bongs also retain a tiny hole named a clutch.


The bowl is the part of the bong where the buds go. Unless the bong is made entirely of glass, the bowl can also be made of metal, such as steel or copper.


The brazier is connected to a tube called the stem. This tube enters the bong all the way to the base through a hole. Inwards to the bong, the trunk is partly immersed in water.

The root is the part on the bottom of the perculator that contains the water. Smoke is generated in the base, which emerges gurgling from the water.

Camera (Tube)

The smoke chamber (or pipe) is the cylindrical part that extends upwards starting from the base. The smoke flows through the tube until it reaches the mouthpiece.